"...You were smart and secured lodging away from the port, so you’ll deal with the crowds only when you want to — not because the ferry dropped them off outside your window. Guest homes on the edge of town, like the Sea Breeze Inn, offer gorgeous pond and ocean vistas..."


"Staying in a room in one of the four guest houses here, you can live the New England seaside fantasy: you're in a simple cottage overlooking a wildflower meadow and within earshot of the ocean's waves. There are a lot of sun-bleached wooden steps meandering among flowering shrubs. Inside, you walk barefoot on painted wood floors and braided rugs. As the evening falls, you turn on your antique lamp and settle down to a book. "

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"...Some rooms in these charming hillside cottages have uninterrupted views over a tidal pond and the ocean beyond. Others face inward towards a country garden. Inside, airy rooms have eccentric, rustic furnishings, cathedral ceilings and no electronic distractions like TVs and clocks. Breakfast comes served in a basket, which can be enjoyed on the porch..."


Best Island Inn  "...This sun-bleached shingled Inn with private cottages overlooks wildflower meadows, perennial gardens, and a pond.....With breakfast goodies delivered to your room each morning, there’s more time for a morning nap..."

"...The weathered shingled Sea Breeze is an idyllic honeymoon getaway..."   --An Explorer's Guide Rhode Island

"...The weathered shingled Sea Breeze is an idyllic honeymoon getaway..." --An Explorer's Guide Rhode Island


"...Every Inn has The Room. The one guests re-book for next year upon checking out this year. The one chambermaids linger in to take a moment of peace, of beauty, before carrying on. The one managers wish they could move into the second guests are gone....Among so many gorgeous, meticulously-appointed rooms, Room 10 was....and still is, The Room.... " 


...The quintessence of seaside simplicity. A delightful compound of weathered cottages, tastefully furnished with well-chosen country antiques..."  --Rhode Island Handbook


GLAMOUR  "Stay near town, at the serene Sea Breeze Inn"